Deploy Trueloaded to a Managed Server with SSD


TrueLoaded eCommerce solution is a 3rd generation eCommerce software, developed by Holbi Group utilising their many years experience delivering award-winning eCommerce websites to businesses from all over the world. TrueLoaded is substantially faster and more reliable than a great deal of other eCommerce software, including such as Magento CE. Holbihost experts designe unique environment for Trueloaded hosting and know how to get your website working as fast as possible.


Ultra-Fast and Scalable Cloud VPS Powered with Linux Based Operating System

Maximum Performance And Reliability With Replicated Local SSD Disks

Nginx Load Balancer And Reverse Proxy For Apache Backend

Wide Range Of PHP Versions From 5.2 To 7.3 Optimised With PHP Caching

MariaDB – More Efficient And Featured Replacement Of MySQL

Memcached For Caching In RAM Most Frequently Accessed Data Of Website



Deploy Your Server Easily

  • Choose Plan. You will be able to scale Cloud Server in the future.

  • Enter hostname. Name that will be referred to this server.

  • Select location of Data-center for your new server.




Cloud VPS Features


We provide KVM based Virtual Machines with Native Server performance and Balanced CPU, RAM, Disk resources. All Cloud VPS Plans are powered with Linux based OS Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS


Our hosting team will manage your server: backups, regular OS security updates, server optimization for best performance, Control Panel for your regular tasks - so you can focus on business.


SSD became standard for hosting and virtualization to provide maximum performance. Our Virtual Machines are backed with replicated local SSD to achieve high speed for server and reliability for data


Choose suitable Plan with resources required for your Project at the moment. You will be able to scale your Cloud VPS in the future, or add Block Storage to store static content like images, media, etc


We will keep an eye on your server CPU load, Memory and Disk usage to make sure that everything goes well: 24/7 including non-business time and holidays. You will be notified if any problem occurs on the server

Speed Up

One of the main features of our hosting service is server optimization to speed up your website performance with latest technologies, most often before other hosting companies start using them


Backup storage is included to all Plans. The size of backup storage is calculated as divided by two the size of storage allocated to Cloud VPS Plan. Holbihost will backup data daily


Your server is equipped with automatic DDoS attack mitigation in the event of an attack (reactive mitigation). Our hosting services include protection against all types of DDoS attacks

Free SSL

Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt can be installed to any number of your websites. Holbihost will keep SSL Certificates installation and renewal process under own control.




Move to Holbihost

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