Storage Containers LXC

Storage Optimized Containers To Deliver Web Content


Holbihost offers a wide range of Storage Optimized Linux Containers designed to deliver web content like images, media, static files for your web applications. Storage Container is useful if Cloud VPS Plan is good in performance for your website but SSD storage is not so big to store big volume of data like images or other static files.

Other Features:

  • Storage Container can be also used as mail service to process your corporate mail and store gigabytes of emails in the users mailboxes
  • OwnCloud – file syncing and sharing platform. Dropbox like service but under your own control
  • Custom backups to store your data
PlanStorage (GB)RAM (GB)
s12x 100
s22x 2001.881Unlimited
s42x 4003.752Unlimited
s82x 8007.52Unlimited
s122x 120011.254Unlimited
s162x 1600154Unlimited



Deploy Your Storage Container Easily

  • Choose Plan. You will be able to scale Container in the future.

  • Select Storage type: Web content delivery, Mail service, etc.

  • Select location of Data-center for your new server: Europe (North France), North America (Montreal, Canada).




Storage Containers Features


Nginx is the the best HTTP Server to deliver web content, images, media and static files with minimal server load and max performance.


Postfix (SMTP) and Dovecot (POP3 and IMAP4) Mail Servers are fast in performance with secure operation mechanisms and junk mail control.


Containers are powered by local replicated storage to achieve best reliability for stored data and provide low-latency for static content delivery.


Choose suitable Plan with storage size required for your Project at the moment. You will be able to scale your Storage Container in the future when volume of web content or users mailboxes increased.


Free Virtualmin Control Panel to manage mail accounts, setup quotas for mailboxes, add mail forwarders, activate auto responders, filter spam messages.

Free SSL

Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt can be installed to any number of your websites. Holbihost will keep SSL Certificates installation and renewal process under own control.



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